Smokey automation framework

Free C# automation framework makes automation development and supporting cheaper and faster.

You write tests on clean C# language without any restrictions. Test execution very simple, just command line with scenario name as parameter. One of main advantages is possibility to build tests without code writing, so you can use manual QA team to build tests. Next main advantage is separating between code and test logic, so when you coding you does not touch you tests and when you build tests you do not coding.
By using this framework you can automate API tests, DB tests, Load and performance tests. You can use Data Driven Testing method. Web site testing with using Selenium and other same technologies. Windows desktop application testing with using "CodedUI" and other technology like "AutoIT" e.t.c.
The framework gives you ability and tools to write on clean C#, to execute tests, to get report and to build tests. You may use POM (page object model) in your project and unit testing style in coding.

General framework architecture scheme looks like this layers scheme